Network & Computer Security

Before the advent of the internet, network and computer security was relatively simple as organisations needed to secure only the ‘perimeter’ to their systems. Computers were connected by networks and with the exception of wide area networks (WANs), did not communicate with the outside world. With the internet, the task is considerably more challenging.

Network security

Most network security is now managed by means of a technology solution such as a firewall. Network security is a specialised area often considered beyond the capability of small business owners and even regular IT support vendors, but instead requiring the services of a network security specialist.

There is a wide choice of intrusion prevention devices (IPDs) and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) available which, again, generally require a degree of specialisation to deploy. You can also engage specialist organisations to test the integrity of your security.

Computer security

Here are some commonly-visited subjects covered on this website to give you more information and advice about keeping your computers secure:

Physical security

Information access management

User accounts

Internet security software



Software updates

Operating system updates

Mobile and home access

Bring your own device


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Jargon Buster

A Glossary of terms used in this article:

Operating system

The software that enables your computer or mobile device to operate.


A number of computers that are connected to one another, together with the connecting infrastructure.